I came to Kate with the barebones of a startup idea. I had a few mockups of how I thought it might work and hoped that she would be able to help me refine them and create the ones I was missing. When I mentioned that I was also in need of a logo and some branding she was more than willing to customize a scope to match my tight budget and achieved my objectives.

I appreciate Kate’s perspective on design which goes far beyond colors and shapes. She helped me to define my target audience and then created a brand and design that would appeal to them. Through the mockup process she was very proactive about helping me think through many of the user interface challenges I faced. I appreciated all of her insight and really felt like she was engaged with what I was trying to do.

I have received great feedback from everyone on the designs and branding and feel like I have a solid foundation on which to build. Thanks for all the hard work Kate!

Chad Jackson, beared, dark-haired man in his forties wearing a blazer and white shirt

My brand, from top to bottom, needed a refresh. That included the design of my site, the look and feel of the eBooks I author, matching up my social accounts and business cards. I got connected with Kate, and she led the way with the rest. She quickly got a feel for what I wanted to accomplish and what my brand needed to communicate. We executed the project, sticking to the original timeline yet fulfilling all of my objectives. Kate did a great job. I highly recommend her.

Amy Carbone

Working with Kate was a dream from start to finish! I hired Kate to create a logo for my business, Denver Money Coach, and to evaluate a website I designed. From the outset Kate was organized and clear about what she could provide and, after gathering sufficient information about the project, was able to provide a clear, accurate estimate of the cost. With very specific questioning, she created a logo that was just what I envisioned!

“She also tackled some complex technical problems with my site, and solved them quickly and permanently. She then analyzed each part of my website and prepared a report that offered very helpful suggestions.

“Every communication from Kate was timely and clear, and she delivered exactly what she promised. I highly recommend her for any graphic design, web design, or web development needs you may have.

Patricia McAdam

Working with Kate on creating my website was such as positive experience. She was really easy to work with, was always in regular contact with me and made sure to give me regular updates. I appreciated her patience, reassuring attitude, her integrity, honesty, her feedback and all of her suggestions to make my site as fabulous as possible. I especially appreciated her genuine efforts to understand my vision of my future website. I highly recommend Kate.

Samantha Reynolds

Kate is one of those remarkable designers who integrates her left and right brains at all times. This means you get a designer who is creatively gifted but also appreciates your budgetary constraints; who “gets” your blue-sky strategic vision but can also proofread like a pro to make sure all the details are intact.

“She will quickly become one of those ‘go-to’ freelancers you want to hire frequently because you know you will get excellent work, on time, on budget, and you’ll have fun with her along the way.

“Kate has heaps of integrity and if she commits to your project, you can rest assured you will get her full passion.

“I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Barbara Biziou

Working with Kate is a dream come true. She is professional, personable and incredibly knowledgeable. The best part is how calm and resourceful she is no matter whatever the challenge. I can always count on her to take charge and come up with a great solution.

Leanne Vogel

Working with Kate is like working with your best friend – she legitimately cares about the outcome of your project from start to finish and won’t settle for second best. Integrity is her name of the game — she’s upfront, honest and fair — qualities you totally need in someone you’re trusting to build your online space. I would (and have) referred my friends and colleagues to Kate. From development to design, she’s got it going on! I loved collaborating with her so much that; even after my new site went live, I’ve continued to work with her on various other projects. She’s my go-to gal.

I chose to work with Kate on my first-ever website project and I’m so glad I did! I quickly established a trust in her design sense and opinion on technical issues. I felt like I was on solid ground, knowing that I could ask for input and that she would give honest feedback. Kate is a great communicator (we worked entirely on a virtual basis), flexible, does what she says she’ll do and is fair, which goes a long way in this world! If you’re building your first site or have launched many, Kate is a strong partner to have by your side!

Melissa Cassera

Kate is like a modern, tech-wizzy fairy godmother. Communication with her was excellent and she really took the time to break down each element in terms that I would understand. My website is incredibly easy to update and navigate, and there are no “snafus” on the backend — making it very easy to post blogs, add images, add testimonials, change copy, etc. Unlike my previous website, I now feel more in control and don’t need to constantly rely on outside assistance. I highly recommend hiring Kate — your mind will be blown!