small joys.*

{A little Christmas cheer on the mantle.}

 I love this time of year. Though I know that the rain, grey and cold weather of January and February are right around the corner, October, November and December are really wonderful. The last several months have been some of the busiest of my life, and December will be no different, but I’m really loving the small joys these days. Coziness abounds and I’m loving warm dinners with friends, hanging out with N in the evenings and working hard even though I mostly want to hibernate.

Here’s to a cozy weekend, for you, too!

{Candles in the evening.}

{Nailing a lattice pie crust, if I do say so myself. Thanks to The Joy of Cooking which once belonged to my aunt.}

{Having a beautiful place to work (complete with the desk N made me) … even if I don’t have the time to keep it tidy.}

{GI Winter Ale. Oh how I’ve missed you.}

small joys.*

{Picnic on Wednesday night at Kits Beach.}

I was expecting this week to be just as busy as the last two but everything converged in a lovely way to give me a week of relative ease! I was done school early everyday which left plenty of time for bike rides around the seawall and lots of time with N. We’ll be spending the weekend with friends, hiking and swimming in lakes and all that good stuff.

I hope wherever you are, regardless of whether this is a long weekend for you or not, it’s a good one. xoxo

{One of my favourite people in the world is visiting, so two of us surprised him at the airport with this silly sign!}

{Sunsets, long summer evenings and not a speck of rain all week (knock wood).}

{New lunch time discovery.}

{Delicious Montreal bagels!}

small joys.*

{Temporary (but maybe permanent) ‘art’ for the front hall entry.}

I feel like every week I say how busy the last week was and how grateful I am for the weekend but it’s true! The busy weeks make the great moments stand out more and make me grateful for the idle time and for just plain old fun. This weekend I’m looking forward to an epic taco-off and a good bye party for a dear friend (not the good bye part though, obviously, mostly the party part). What are you up to this weekend? I hope wherever you are, you’re in the thick of summer gorgeousness. (Stay on the beach a little longer for me, the vitamin D deficient summer student …)

{Finally got a haircut this week, AND from my fave hair-cutter, Kat, who has moved two blocks from me and is giving haircuts from her fab apartment. She straightened it too so I looked like another person…}

{Lavender from our garden on the bedside table, in a baijiu bottle from China.}

{Salmon ni├žoise (instead of tuna) and The Royal Tenenbaums on Sunday night.}

{New shoes! Bought with some mad money my parents sent me for my birthday. Gotta love parents who still give you something for your birthday even though you’re not exactly a kiddo anymore …}

small joys.*

{Relaxing outside with a cup of beer, the sun and N.}

Okay, wait. It’s Friday again? Really? This week has been so busy that I’d swear I missed it (except that the late nights are starting to catch up with me: exhibit A … the starting three sentences of this post). I’m really, really looking forward to catching up on school work this weekend, brunch with N’s hilarious cousin and maybe a little hike. What are you up to?

{Early morning coffee with a little hot chocolate for good measure …}

{Raspberry popsicle, because it is so, so hot.}

{Produce from our garden!}

{A brand, spankin’ new birthday toaster, because our old one finally kicked the bucket.}

small joys.*

{It is finally really and truly summer! Which means ice cream!}

This week has been just grand! Great weather and lots of biking make it really feel like summer. School has been really busy though and will only get busier. Here are a few things that made this week feel even more like summer.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend and dinner with friends tomorrow night. What are you up to this lovely summer weekend?

{I am in love with the downtown bike lanes. In. Love. They’re safe and beautiful too (with planted barriers).}

{Oh my goodness: the BEST chocolate I’ve ever had. Salted caramel from Take a Fancy at the farmers’ market.}

{The best dang peach I’ve ever tasted.}

{Though this watering can flower pot borders on hideous, a neighbour found it in the alley and put it next to our garden and so a nasturtium found a new, neighbourly home. Gardening really can build community.}

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