oh right, i have a blog …

As you may have noticed, I have been an absentee blogger, as of late. Why, you may ask? I’m not sure that I can begin to answer that question, but it’s due, in large part to the fact that I started my own business last October (right after finishing the web design program at BCIT) and I just haven’t had the head space to blog as much lately.

Last year was just plain hard. Deciding to go back to school fairly impulsively, makes finances and time, really tight. (It’s not that going back to school was impulsive, it’s just that the timing was impulsive.) But now, I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for years: run my own business. The funny thing about getting what you want, is that it never looks exactly like you’d imagined! I now totally understand why people say, when you start a business, you won’t actually be working on the paying work eight hours a day. Ha! There is all the other stuff that you don’t bill for that you don’t remember about when you work a salary job. Then, there’s the work/life balance. That balance was my main reason for going into business for myself. I wanted more flexibility with my time and more power over the projects I was working on. All of those things have happened, but let me tell you, it is HARD to morph into the relaxed, life part of your day when your desk is two metres from the couch! There is always something to do.

That said, I love what I’m doing now. The people that I get to work with are fantastic and fun, and the work has exceeded my expectations. I’m now working for myself, but also teaching in the program that I just graduated from. It feels great to be teaching and has given me a new-found respect for every teacher that I’ve ever had (including the bad ones) and for my parents and family members (my sister, N’s sister etc.) who teach or have taught.

I’m hoping to be back here a little bit more, but I’m not going to make any promises. I love this little blog. It was the creative outlet that I needed when I was deciding what my next career move would be. And fiddling with it gave me the taste of coding that only whetted my appetite to learn about coding and programming. I’m forever grateful to this blog and the support that I’ve had for it. I hope to be back here soon. xoxo

{Photo from our magical trip to Hawaii over New Years. Another post for another time …}

cleaning house.

{Part of cleaning house: laundry and an improvised door-jam clothesline.}

It has been over six weeks since my last blog post. I’m not sure how this accidental hiatus came to be except that life has been unmanageably busy as of late. More than that, life has expanded in ways that left little room in my head for blogging. In the last six weeks I unexpectedly went to Edmonton to hang out with my beloved Nana after she fell and broke her leg, went to California to attend the beautiful wedding of my cousin, finished a bunch of school projects, finished laying out a forthcoming book, went on a few hikes, was reminded that life is impermanent and fragile, saw entirely too little of my friends, replaced my trusty computer and enjoyed my family’s company.

This weekend though, was a turning point. As summer officially settles into fall and my program at BCIT set to wrap up in two weeks, I’m grateful for some time to slow down. I spent the weekend literally and figuratively cleaning house. (Nine loads of laundry! Eleven hours of sleep on Friday night! Lots of thinking about whether I actually like the frenetic pace of my current life! Long chats with N about everything! Beer and pretzels! Brunch!) I feel like the last six weeks have gone by so fast that I didn’t even see them happen. They just came and went with no time to think about them. I don’t want to always live like that, but it is nice to be reminded why the quiet weekends and idleness are so special.

Fall has always been my favourite time of year and I think the last six weeks have reminded me to notice it. To notice that it’s not so warm anymore, to notice that my body wants to be back in the pool, to notice that I’m suddenly starting the life I was dreaming of before I went back to school. I hope that means that I’ll be back in this space more often again. As part of my ‘cleaning house’ I plan to hop back on the William Morris bandwagon (if Jules at Pancakes and French Fries can do a project a day this month, I can probably handle one per week) and to start plotting my new business (more on that in a future post). There will be some cleaning up of my web house too, so look for that! It feels good to be back.

fires and entropy.

{The building in better days. I snapped this photo on my last day of work from my bike.}

Anyone who has been reading my blog for the last few months will know that I left a really great job about two months ago to go back to school to pursue web design. Well, my former studio and studio mates are still much loved and dear to me, and sadly, a week ago, our poor studio suffered through a large fire.

Thanks to everyone at my former company being really type-A (in a good way) most of our stuff was recovered safe if a little sooty. Water-tight containers and the meticulous putting away of things coupled with a solid back up system saved the day. But most of all, I’m glad that my precious former colleagues are safe and sound.

The fire left me with some very strange feelings in it’s aftermath. Having left my job there and being really busy with my current endeavor, I felt like I couldn’t really do that much to help, but I wanted to be there in rubber boots and gloves, slogging through the mess with my friends. I obsessively pictured what the new, renovated space would look like (maybe I’m an optimist?) and was struck with twinges of sadness when I thought of the odds and ends I left in drawers, the cute vintage fridge and the posters I made with Lindsay to decorate the walls, probably too damaged to be rehung. It has felt like hearing of the grave, near-death experience of a loved one; as if he was almost struck down by a bus and the retelling of the story makes you shaky and teary because of what you might have lost.

The studio will be repaired and rebuilt and it will be better and brighter than it was before. But there is a sadness in what has been lost because entropy always wins and nothing stays the same even if you wish it would.

a birthday in photos.

{Breakfast raspberries}

{Sandwiches from Finch’s with my man}

{And leftover birthday cake!}

{Garlic scape pesto, beer and bad TV}

{The best smelling lilies}

It’s my birthday today and despite the fact that I definitely did not have the day off (not even a little bit) it was a pretty good day. Because it’s my party and I’ll snap a million Instagram photos if I want to, I documented the more festive parts of the day (no one needs to see my HTML5 textbook, especially on a birthday).

In the past, I’ve felt really nervous about my birthday because I had a few bad ones (the chicken pox, pink eye and a death in the family, do not make for great birthdays) but one of the nice things about getting older is that your birthday feels less important and is just a great excuse to pamper yourself a little (and not do any dishes). So here’s to fun, laid-back birthdays. What do you do on yours?