Client Case Study | Part One

study_church1Tanner Moushey hired me earlier this year to do some design work on a web app that he has been thinking about building called Having never attended Bible study myself, I had to get up to speed pretty quickly! Tanner envisioned an app for people in their 20s and 30s that would be similar to more traditional Wednesday night Bible study groups. The idea is that users can form a group and then assign a Bible study to that group. Each Bible study would have particular assignments on any given day and the app users have the ability to write Bible studies themselves, too.

sc_new _study_wireframe23Tanner and I worked together to build wireframes from the information that he had given me as well as so mockups that he had done before he decided to hire me. The wireframing stage for this project was more important than any other stage, by far. Since the app has to do many things, we needed to use the wireframes to not only block out the design but make every step simple for the user to follow, and make sure that we didn’t miss any small function that could mean a lot to the users.

We talked about how much we both like an application to walk us through a process without distraction, a concept which I employed to the portion of the app used to create a study. We talked a lot about the process of creating a study and how a study should be broken down: by day, chapter, section, questions, week etc.

The result is a clean, easy-to-use interface that can adapt as has more users and grows. To go along with the web app, I created a clean brand, in keeping with the interface. More on that next week!

Client Case Study | Karen Hutton

karen_huttonSometimes you get a client that you want to invent new projects for, just so that you can keep working together. That has been the case for me, working with Karen Hutton: Photographer. Light-Bender. Purveyor of Awesomeness. (All true, by the way.) I’ve so enjoyed working with her but, in our first chat, I could immediately see the big issue that was running through Karen’s online presence: She’s a multi-talented woman, and that had translated into multiple websites. Multiple websites had served her really well but she was ready for a more polished approach. Also, because she’s becoming a sought after speaker and photographer, her business model had been making a switch from selling her talents, to selling her.

Information Architecture

The first thing Karen and I had to do was roll up our sleeves and sort out the information architecture of her site. (Not sure what that is? Check out this post of yore.) Usually, the information architecture meeting, is part of my hour-long launch meeting, right at the beginning of my work with a client. We ended up breaking Karen’s launch/information architecture meeting into two one-hour meetings. We had a lot to cover! It was super important for us to figure out what pages she actually needed on the site. The pages that we wanted to include depended heavily on Karen’s new way of selling her talents because we wanted to make the website as easy to use for the target audience. In order to have an easy-to-use website, you have to have a clear message and business plan.

Karen was moving more into her passion for photography, so we wanted the site to feature her photography prominently. Originally, Karen had a separate website for her photography, voiceover and blog. We combined the three sites into the new site and added a speaking page. That way, users going to her site will easily find what they were initially looking for, and may even discover one of Karen’s talents they didn’t know about.

The New Site

After Karen and I worked together to create an easily manageable information architecture, the site went off to design with Natasha Lakos. Once Natasha finished up the design, I built out the site with all of the pages that Karen and I originally decided on.

The result is a gorgeous website that is easy to get around and update. Karen now only has this site to update (and her Smugmug galleries), instead of maintaining three sites. It’s faster and cleaner for her, and much easier for her growing audience to find her. The result will be more audience interaction, more social media shares and hopefully more work for Karen!

You can check out Karen’s new site here. Don’t miss her Instagram feed. It’s f*#&ing gorgeous.