small joys.*

{A little Christmas cheer on the mantle.}

 I love this time of year. Though I know that the rain, grey and cold weather of January and February are right around the corner, October, November and December are really wonderful. The last several months have been some of the busiest of my life, and December will be no different, but I’m really loving the small joys these days. Coziness abounds and I’m loving warm dinners with friends, hanging out with N in the evenings and working hard even though I mostly want to hibernate.

Here’s to a cozy weekend, for you, too!

{Candles in the evening.}

{Nailing a lattice pie crust, if I do say so myself. Thanks to The Joy of Cooking which once belonged to my aunt.}

{Having a beautiful place to work (complete with the desk N made me) … even if I don’t have the time to keep it tidy.}

{GI Winter Ale. Oh how I’ve missed you.}

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2 comments on “small joys.*

  1. I love the Ork Poster (well I love typographic posters in general ; do you know Axis Maps, they do really cool posters too, very detailed).
    Love your blog too, discovered it on one of my many browsing on the internet about typography and Van City.
    Oh, by the way, I'm Julia, I'm French (I live in Paris), and I'm moving to Vancouver in June for a year, maybe more. So I'm looking forward to learn new things about this city through your blog (and I will be looking at your graphic designs as well) 😉



    1. Thanks Julia! I haven't been writing as much in this blog as I used to but I'm hopeful that the posts will pick up a little bit this year. I wrote a guide to Vancouver that you can find in the buttons across the top of my blog if that helps. Good luck with your move! Paris is wonderful, but Vancouver can be pretty great too.

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