start with a cupboard.

 When this whole William Morris thing started, I read on Pancakes and French Fries that the best advice to take, when starting this project, was to start with a drawer. Well, that’s exactly the advice I took when restarting this project, only it was a cupboard, not a drawer.

This weekend, we’re having a large Thanksgiving dinner (that I’m very excited about). Our big dinner parties usually consist of a gaggle of our friends coming over to cook, eat, drink and clean up. This often starts in the middle of the afternoon and often ends in the middle of the night and often involves various people taking naps on our couch. In anticipation of the big dinner, for what is definitely my favourite holiday, I figured that we’d better get the kitchen in ship-shape since cupboards and corners will be poked into. N already cleaned the fridge out last week so I took it upon myself to tackle this cupboard. It really didn’t need much, just some reorganizing, tossing of chip bags with only crumbs in them (?) and moving medicine to the bathroom.

When all was said and done, it wasn’t the most exciting of reveals, but it does feel good knowing that I won’t be embarrassed when anyone pokes around for some sage this weekend. I even decided to show our very high tech budgeting system that resides in the cupboard, even though it’s a little embarrassing! But hey, it works.

 With the season rapidly changing, I’m actually looking forward to sorting out our apartment more. This summer was rough on the old girl, and she needs some TLC.

This post is part of the William Morris Project. I’ll be linking this post to the inspiration: Pancakes and French Fries.

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