small joys.*

1. Crocuses are coming out in force which can only mean one thing: spring is right around the corner.
2. My friend Caitlin has been staying with us to decide if she wants to move to Vancouver. We haven’t seen a ton of each other since our epic Alaskan adventure in 2008 so it’s been wonderful to see so much of her. (Her earrings in our dish.)
3. I wore this skirt out on (Edmonton) girls’ night on Friday. We had a great time with much laughter, much food and (too) much wine (on my part anyway).
4. Nick and I had an amazing swim on Thursday. Just under 2 kilometres.
5. I usually despise daylight saving time. This year I went to bed early enough (after a great spontaneous date with my man) that I didn’t notice the lost hour.

I am thinking about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami a lot, and just after the one in Christchurch. I will be donating here.

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